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Over time and as the kilometres go by, your car is subjected to wear and tear, gets dirty, safety devices are subjected to fatigue and some repairs become unavoidable. However, taking care of your vehicle properly is a simple, effective way to extend its life cycle as well as limiting the cost of certain repairs.

Here are a few simple tips and steps you should carry out regularly on your vehicle to ensure its long life and your safety!

Tip No. 1: check fluid levels

Checking oil, coolant, brake fluid, windscreen washer fluid levels, etc. is a simple way of keeping your engine in good condition and preventing breakdowns. To check them, lift your bonnet, open the relevant caps and make sure that the levels are between the min and max positions on the gauge.

Tip No. 2: check the condition of your tyres

The condition of your tyres is essential for your safety and safe driving. To check them for wear, make sure that the tread grooves are neither too shallow nor too deep. They should not be less than 1.6 mm deep. For tyre pressures, refer to the label usually found in your glove box. Depending on the model, the ideal pressure is between 1.8 and 3.4 bar. Note that the check should be carried out when the tyres are cold and ideally once a month or every 1000 km.

Tip No. 3: take care of your engine

Taking care of your engine is essential, which is why, to extend its life, we recommend that you change the oil every 10,000 to 15,000 km, or every 1 to 2 years, depending on the model. Also remember to replace the oil, pollen and diesel filters regularly to prevent your engine from clogging up too quickly and finally, check the condition of the spark plugs and replace them if necessary!

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Tip No. 4: check the condition of the braking system

To check the wear of your brake pads, you have to remove the wheels and check the thickness of the pad lining. It should be between 3mm at the front and 2mm at the rear. Also remember to visually check your discs which should not have any undulations or signs of wear. In general, it is recommended to have your braking system professionally serviced every 20,000 km or once a year.

Tip No. 5: check the lights

The lights are another area that needs to be checked regularly, especially as it is now mandatory to carry a box of suitable light bulbs in the event of a failure. So check all your lights, especially the brake lights, and replace them if necessary.

Tip No. 6: pamper your bodywork

Taking care of your bodywork is a simple way of preserving the condition of the paintwork. To avoid micro-scratches, prefer washing and drying by hand with suitable products and a microfiber. To add a finishing touch, apply a layer of protective wax after each wash.

Also be careful not to expose your bodywork to the sun’s rays for too long, as this could tarnish the paintwork and damage mechanical parts!

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