The emergence of a simple wheel cleaning product

The NeoClean brand was created in May 1995 by a car enthusiast who at the time was managing a luxury car cleaning business in the Normandy region. To make his daily life easier, he had the idea of creating a product to wash the wheels of the cars entrusted to him more easily.

So he cleverly asked an industrial friend to design a product that would clean, degrease and remove dirt from aluminium, stainless steel and other light alloys in one go. The result was as surprising as it was astonishing! Simply spraying on the product and rinsing off restored the dirtiest wheels to their original shine.

This is how the NeoClean wheel cleaner emerged.

Wheel products (11)

Polishing and buffing (7)

Interior (10)

Bodywork (28)



NEOCLEAN – Nettoyant Jantes INDIGO & Décontaminant Ferreux – 500 ml

12,74 10,83

NEOCLEAN INDIGO peut s’utiliser sans problème sur toutes les surfaces extérieures de votre véhicule quelles qu’elles soient: peinture, plastiques, vitres, chrome, aluminium brut ou anodisé, etc…
Seule restriction : ne pas l’utiliser sur des surfaces ferreuses non peintes, non protégées ou avec une protection abimée.

NEOCLEAN – Nettoyant Jantes – 500 ml

13,91 11,82
Nettoie les roues les plus encrassées sans frotter. Compatible avec tous les organes de freinage.

NEOCLEAN – Plastiques Soins Intérieur – 500 ml

15,49 13,17
Parfum fruité - Base végétale - Sans silicone - Traitement longue durée

NEOCLEAN – Insectes – 500 ml

12,96 11,02
Sans frotter - Dissout les traces sur toutes surfaces - Visibilité égal Sécurité

NEOCLEAN – Efface Rayures – 150 g

8,84 7,51
Voitures, motos, bateaux - Supprime les rayures superficielles - Toutes couleurs et peintures

NEOCLEAN – Détachant Tissus et Moquettes – 500 ml

13,91 11,82
Nettoie & détache - Facilite l’enlèvement des poils d’animaux

NEOCLEAN – Lot Sacoche

49,38 41,97
Sacoche avec bandes velcro pour fixation dans coffre - Jantes Vernies - Plastique Soin Intérieur MAT - Vitres & Pare-Brises - Microfibre Intérieur / Extérieur


From craftsmanship to industrialisation

Recognised as an unfailingly effective product, Neoclean wheel cleaner quickly became a market leader, enabling the company to move from a small scale to an industrial scale with the opening of a manufacturing and packaging plant in Eure-et-Loire.

A French brand of the METAL 5 group

Since 2010, NeoClean has been a brand of the French group Metal 5.

Distributed exclusively through specialised networks (service stations, wholesalers and car centres), it offers a complete line of top-of-the-range care products for cars and trucks. The brand also supplies many store brand products.

Neoclean is now a 100% French brand, still manufactured in France in the Chartres region.